This delightfully happy bouncing ball attempts to get back his girlfriend who strings him along a journey wrought with peril through various colorful landscapes. In levels 1-3, Bob begins his adventure on the beach and cave levels where the evil bluefoot lives to keep you down. In level 4-6 our hero is thrust into Square city, where boxy robotic automatons shuffle about welding steaming cups of spite. In levels 7-9, Bob finally finds an end to his journey through the underground sewers of Square city through a maze of pipes and disease carrying vermin.


Beach and Cave

Square City

Underground sewer


A wee sand crab that attempts to slow Bob down.

A conehead automaton that was designed to thwart jumping, airfilled heroes.

Scrub plant that attempts to eat Bob while he flies overhead.

A commuter with a steaming cup of coffee, ready to lash out at the slightest provocation.

The evil bossfoot of the beach world. He likes smashing bright yellow things, like the sun.

The evil conspiracy ready to bash Bob's self confidence with confusion and doubt.
This is Bob, right after getting lots of heart booty.    



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